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CE Express hosts The Pacific Institute!

CE Express is working with the Pacific Institute who created the "Investment in Excellence" program that Digital Equipment Corp. and a number of other Fortune 50 companies used.  They have modernized the program over the years, and then condensed it to 2 days.  It is a GREAT program! 

If you or anyone you know, have/has an interest in this program please call the number below or respond to this email.  Also, if more than one person attends from a company or a family, there is a significant discount per person.

CE Express is hosting "Thought Patterns for High Performance" from the Pacific Institute, (from Seattle, Washington)  at the Community Room at Brunswick Landing on May 1 and 2, 2014.

The program is a video based program taught by the late Lou Tice, founder of The Pacific Institute, and it is facilitated by his assistant (and Master Facilitator) for more than 40 years, Mr. Ron Medved. The latest "win" for the Pacific Institute is that Pete Carroll, the coach for the Seattle Seahawks, used Lou Tice as a mentor and they were good friends as well.

This program is specifically designed to raise individual's and group's self-efficacy which is their opinion of their abilities to make things happen.

If you are like most clients, you may be challenged by the ever-changing world. If you need to:

Do More with Less
Improve Employee Engagement
Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency
Improve Processes and Transform your Culture
Set and Achieve Goals

Then, you are like most of our clients today!

There are many approaches to address these challenges, with many of the more traditional ways focusing on change from the outside. This means changing the extrinsic, like new strategies, structures, process improvements or new technologies. Given the billions of dollars spent on these approaches, there are clearly successes. The Pacific Institute approach however, is based on the principle that all meaningful and lasting change starts on the inside and works its way outThe evidence is quite compelling - over 70% of organizational change fails because of people's resistance to change.  The Pacific Institute transformation practice therefore works from the inside through the individual and organization.  If the belief that individuals have unrealized potential is true, then you could conclude that individuals within an organization collectively add up to that organization having unrealized potential.  The education of The Pacific Institute has proven to be very effective at applying cognitive psychology to unleash that potential. This is the key to our practice.

Attached, you will find a brochure on this seminar with registration instructions. Sign up today and see how you can change your organization's future!

Ken Smith & Pete McAllister
Owners-CE Express

Also, on the first of May, after the program, CE Express will host 9 holes of golf at the local golf-course and then we will all go out to dinner at a restaurant in Brunswick.

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